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We are a New Zealand owned company that looks after the rural customer. We build custom webcams, wireless, and radio network solutions to suit your needs. What works in the city doesn't always work for the rural areas.

We have standard packages, but also can build something to suit your environment.

Starlink Installer. We provide nationwide starlink installation services, Starlink Satellite Communications

Whether it's a timelapse webcam taking photos of a big construction job, or the ability to give the Project Manager complete control of the webcam remotely. Or perhaps its simply looking at the local river or beach.

We can extend your internet connection from the house to across your farm, allowing you to stay in touch with family, the ability to have internet banking, or simply email the supplier directly from the farm.

Radio Networks have also evolved, and now provide crystal clear communications. They keep working when the cellphone towers stop, have GPS tracking features, and roam across a wider area.

Whatever the requirement, Remote Networks can provide the solution.

We are authorised Cel-Fi Booster/Repeater installers, and can provide a range of solutions for either a standard home, or industrial apartment blocks and hospitals.

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